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The M Word's Statement

Have you ever seen any evidence of the generation wars? Each generation of humans blaming another for various problems or inserting broad stereotypes to explain what is wrong with them? Explore the symbolism in the works to find clues about which generation you are seeing. Through narrative oil paintings layered with mixed media elements, decode the major events and following stereotypes, to truly define what makes a generation. 

I started this journey into generations after seeing comments on my own. I was curious where they started and what events or responses could have shaped them. I was bombarded by a wealth of information and learned more about my generation than I could have ever realized. That led me to question other generations. Finding how and why stereotypes came to be along with their whys.  

In this body of work, I found humor in stereotypes, answers to their origins, respect for each generation, and a rabbit hole of nostalgia I did not realize I had missed. Take this journey through time to find your own interpretation of each generation. 

Using Mobile Phones

The M Word

The word millennial seems to have become a dirty word that no one in that generation likes to identify with. Seeing a variety of articles and lists that pit generations against each other, I've decided to explore my own, starting with major events that made an impact moving into stereotypes that have been given.


The 2008 Recession, 30" x 40", Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas. 2023

Social Media Obsessed, 40" x 60", Oil and Glitter on Canvas. 2023

The Last Pupper, 30" x 60", Mixed Media on Canvas. 2023

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