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California Coastline

This was a 10 day trip with as much squeezed in as possible!

Day 1: San Diego California, First stop was the zoo which is famous for a reason this place is huge! Give yourself the day for it. For dinner we went to the fish market which I would highly recommend I got seafood pasta that was full of fresh fish.

Day 2: Aquatica in the morning, very small waterpark wouldn't recommend it unless they added to it. we drove up to Disneyland after that, got there in the mid to late afternoon and spent the evening at Disney California adventure. No one needs any advice on Disney just go and experience it all!

Day 3: Disneyland. Enough said

Day 4: Drive up to Universal and spend the day there. The Harry Potter part was our area of interest and had to go on the ride. If you get motion sick believe the signs when it says not to ride. I could barely get off that ride I was so dizzy and nauseous. The shows were really great and the tour was a lot of fun. Be careful about your hotel choices staying in the area spend the extra $$ to stay in a safe place we ended up in a shady hostel.

Day 5: Time to be a tourist and go see the Hollywood sign. We followed the signs. I was fully ready to hike not realizing that the observatory is where those signs take you. We looked at it from a far and got really hungry. We ate at The Pie Hole which was delicious everything taste better as a pie. We went to the Warner Brothers studio tour from there and it was fantastic. We got a great tour guide that knew his stuff and brought us to all the best spots. That evening we ate at Hamburger Mary's we like a good drag show with dinner and this was not that! I have never seen queens so demanding for tips and the food was only ok.

Day 6: Time for a drive. We spent almost all of this day driving up route 1. We had to get on and off a few times because of blockages but the ride was great and we stopped somewhere super random for dinner because starving happens. We stayed in a cabin way back into the woods by Andrew Molera State park which was beautiful. The toilet and shower were out on the porch though and that was weird.

Day 7: Time for the beach!! We did a great hike through AM state park to a purple sand beach that was secluded and relaxing. The water was freezing so swimming wasn't really a thing so bring a book! Initially we were going to go to Pfeiffer beach but the road to it was closed from landslides.

Day 8: New Beach! We drove up to Santa Cruz and spent the day at Natural Bridge state beach which also had a walking trail which was a nice break in the day. We spent the rest of the day on the boardwalk ate out there and there was a free concert on the beach that night. It was Smash mouth. Remember to bring warm clothes it got really cold, I also might have been a bit red from the beach.

Day 9: We were leaving today and decided before we headed to the airport we had to stop and zipline through the redwoods. It was a blast definitely do that!

I know I said 10 days but the first was solely in an airport and not included.

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