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Southern Tour

Welcome to New Orleans!

Day 1: Stop at the NOLA zoo before check in. Cute zoo kind of small but good place to stretch the legs after a flight. Checked into the Marriott on Canal Street. Great place to stay the rooms were nice and the noise from down below wasn't too crazy. There was a restaurant around the corner that had all the classic foods so I got plain pasta! We had to get up really early to catch the flight and decided to turn in early.

Day 2: Start the morning with a swamp tour where you not only saw alligators but got to hold a baby one too! Hands down favorite part. After that we checked out Oak Alley Plantation which was nice there wasn't a lot to do there but the famous view was worth it. If only all the people would get out of my shots!

As the sky darkened it was time to move on to the New Orleans museum of art (still an art nerd) Not as big as some but a nice walk around. The sculpture garden attached was my favorite the sculptures interacted with the landscape in interesting ways. Think that's enough for the day? Nope! Time for dinner and a show! Got tickets for a drag show, shady shady part of town but excellent show, the owner gave us a free pitcher of champagne and there was a bonus show with a sweaty male revue. Needed a ride back, walking wasn't an option, safety wise not so much pitcher of champagne wise.

Day 3: Can't go to New Orleans without the obligatory stop in Jackson square and Cafe Du Monde. It was early so not outrageously crazy, go out early before the hung over people come out! The beignets were delicious but a whole order is too much. A full belly needs a walk and the French market was close by. Very kitschy touristy items claiming to be authentic but nice things and nice vendors. We took a trolley across town to get closer to the Mardi Gras museum which by the way was kind of fantastic. Highly suggest this one it was really interesting, they give you cake, and you get to see how the floats are constructed. No time to waste WWII museum here we go! This place is very educational, kind of cool but an interest in the subject is suggested. The stuff was cool though. Time for dinner! We chose a river boat dinner cruise. The views were beautiful, the stories were great I'm a picky eater but I wasn't a fan. Once we hit land again you can't go to NOLA without going on Bourban street. It's a fun time, get a grenade, they're sweet but go down too easy. All I needed was 1. It's crowded and loud and bouncing in and out clubs and bars is all you can do. There is always beads too.

Day 4: Time to go there's more to see. We were going to go to a waterpark in Mississippi however the storm we drove in closed the park. Apparently torrential downpours and thunder isn't safe. So we went to our destination for the night which was Biloxi Mississippi. Storm cleared so the pool and hot tub were open which was relaxing after driving through what we did. Ate at Margaritaville which was good. There are a few casinos in this area so we hopped around between them for the rest of the night.

Day 5: Beach day! Drove to Orange Beach, Alabama, which was a trip but well worth it for the snow white beaches, warm water and quite setting. A local beach shack for dinner with fresh seafood was right up my alley. It was time to hit the road again as our hotel was much further north then where we were.

Day 6: We were Atlanta bound and decided to stop at the DeSoto Caverns on the way for a really cool tour of the cavern which is a mix or creepy and fascinating. There was a few things to do on site there so we poked around a bit before heading to our next destination. Mary Mac's tea room was where we had dinner, needed a true southern meal and it was delicious.

Day 7: After arriving in the ATL we left, lol, we decided to do a hike al long the Chattahoochee which had a beautiful bridge and waterfall. The bridge was actually turned into one of my very first travel paintings but it's not up. I do suggest you follow the trails though its very easy to go off them and make your own way where you end up rock climbing. That took up most of the day then we showered and went to our second drag show of the trip! Lips Atlanta was great the food was good and the performers were fantastic. We stumbled on broadway night some how which we both thoroughly enjoy!

Day 8: Can you go to Atlanta without going to the aquarium and botanical gardens? We didn't think so either so that is how we spent this day both were very nice. Aquarium was smaller then I thought it would be based on its reputation. The gardens had these amazing botanical sculptures throughout the park that we got to see being made which was an incredible and tedious process. Dinner was at a collective food hall which was attached to some shops. Lots of choices! We didn't sample the nightlife as much in this city as we were getting exhausted towards the end of the trip.

Day 9: Our last day we attempted to go to the art museum but it was closed which was dumb but we found a natural history museum which was cute. It had walking trails attached and an Imax theater which was air conditioned! Had to have some barbeque and mac and cheese before we got on the plane.

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