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Virginia and DC

Every year I take a trip with my best friend. I create jam packed itineraries with everything to see and eat. So I decided to share them with you!

Starting in Washington DC. There was three places that we chose, since we were only there for a day. On the way to the National Gallery (I'm an art nerd) we stopped at the the sculpture garden just outside of the museum. It was kind of small but nice to walk around and enjoy the green space. There was sculptures up by Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, David Smith and one of my favorites Claes Oldenberg. The National gallery was next, it is a standard museum with all the big names represented and definitely worth the time to walk around. We ended the day at the International Spy museum which I would highly recommend as it is interactive as well as educational and actually enjoyable for all ages.

So this trip was a few years ago so its mostly a highlight reel and more detailed trips will come soon. After DC. we headed down to Williamsburg Virginia, It was a hike after a long day in DC so it's your call on if you want to do that all in a day.

In Williamsburg the historical sites are a nice visit with lots of information. Colonial Williamsburg is the largest with the most things to see and do. Jamestown is small and Yorktown was mostly just a drive.

For the thrill seekers Busch Gardens and Water country USA are a must visit. Water country being one of my favorite waterparks that I have been to. Busch Gardens has a lot of roller coasters but there is things for everyone to enjoy.

I haven't talked much about food yet, mostly because the days were packed so tight that eating from stands at the parks were the easiest option. On a day you are hungry I would highly recommend Captain Georges, it is a bit pricey but well worth it if you are a seafood lover. It is a huge buffet with a solo space just for crab legs. So delicious!

Coming back up the coast we stopped in Ocean city Maryland. Assateague Island during the day for some beach time and to see the famous wild horses with the ocean city boardwalk at night. I wasn't overly impressed by the boardwalk, reminded me a lot of seaside heights.

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